"If you want MORE local CUSTOMERS, you have to be in MORE online PLACES where new CUSTOMERS can find your local business. What's your online LOCAL strategy?"

People do business with businesses that are 15 miles or less from their home or work. Get in front of them.

Local SEO Optimization

Get your business listed in Google Places, Yahoo local, Bing local, and 100′s of local directory sites and start getting customers through your door…

What does Local SEO mean to your small business?

Get your business listed in Google Places, Yahoo local, Bing local, and 100′s of local directory sites and start getting customers through your door. Also, you want to develop a review strategy and develop citations back to your site!

If you are a local business and you are not located in Google Places for your competitive search terms, guess who is ranking… YOUR COMPETITION. Let’s discuss local search optimization today!

Search Engine Optimization

Use your website to rank naturally in the search engines. Whether you are a local business or a Fortune 500, SEO can help give you the visibility you need…

How can search engine optimization work for your small business?

If your competition is global, then you need global SEO. This is a different approach than Local SEO, but our SEO Professionals have the experience to get your major brand to the top of the rankings.

Want to learn how? Let’s discuss search engine optimization today and we can begin to develop some strategies to get you the rankings your business deserves!

Social Media Awesomization

Leveraging social media marketing is just plain smart if you’re a small local business on a budget. How else can you reach potentially thousands of customers and prospects all over the globe with zero advertising costs?

Which sites are essential for social media?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most trafficked social media sites. You don’t have to use all of these tools, but it’s helpful to at least set up a profile on all of them. Don’t get overwhelmed! Let us help!

Let’s discuss how Local Search Labs can leverage social media for your business and develop some actionable social media marketing strategies that work!

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